Saturday, June 28, 2008

Foot note

I have a new story up at The Erotic Woman—a footcentric piece called "From Tip to Toe"! So if you'd like to play footsie with me, I hope you'll head on over.

Thank you, Erotic Woman!


KM said...

What a way to start the weekend!

"I entertained the fantasy that her foot was having a private orgasm, inside the peach or lime or raspberry sock . . . that it was blushing and trembling, that the toes were wiggling like crazy while I pumped Holly’s cunt."

I LOVE that -- and I just about went crazy waiting to see those feet!

Great story!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, KM—you've made my toes tingle! I'm so delighted you got a kick out of my foot story.

EllaRegina said...

I was en pointe as well.

Was the protagonista named after Holly Golightly of Tiffany Breakfast fame -- you know, a sort of "foot treading" reference?

Jeremy Edwards said...

That would have been very clever! In reality, though, my Holly was named for the fact that I hadn't yet used the name "Holly" in a story.

Craig Sorensen said...

What a great study of how we can be turned on by that which is not revealed.

I agree with KM, you did an outstanding job of teasing the reader, waiting to get those magnificent feet uncovered!

Nicely done.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Craig! My goal was to keep the reader in suspense, "waiting for the other sock to drop," as the saying goes.

Angell said...

Absolutely gorgeous story Jeremy! But I would be remiss if I didn't say I was waiting to see what colour her polish was. LOL.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Angell!

As for the polish: What color would you like her polish to be? Perfect! As it happens, that's the exact color the polish is.