Saturday, June 28, 2008

Make the zine scene

If you're in greater Montreal (and not in the middle of a saxophone solo) on the night of July 4th, you may want to make the scene at the launch party for the next issue of Lickety Split smut zine!

Though I won't be at the party, I am in the zine.


Craig Sorensen said...

Wow, you're everywhere!

Give it up, you have hatched a plot to take over the world with lovely, literate smut, haven't you?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Sorry to take so long to respond to that comment, Craig—I've been reading those kind words "lovely, literate smut" over and over. : )

But I'm not trying to take over the world; I'm actually just trying to get Montreal to lift her skirt and show me her Underground City.