Saturday, July 12, 2008

In the Flesh: Thursday!

Author's notebook: The first through third drafts of the post title read "Thursday: In the Flesh!" But on the fourth draft, I found I wasn't quite satisfied with this. I showed it to my wife, and she thought it was fine; but something still didn't sit right. Then, while I was letting the title gel, I happened to see a post on someone else's blog called "Monday: What I Had for Lunch," and so now, on top of everything else, I was afraid people would think I was plagiarizing—though in reality I came up with my title before reading the other one. At that point I decided to get some sleep before attempting further revisions. When I woke up this morning, "In the Flesh: Thursday!" just popped into my head. I'm so pleased I'll probably take the rest of the day off.

This is a public service reminder (or maybe a "private service reminder," since to some extent it's self-serving) that I will be reading on Thursday, July 17, as part of the "In the Flesh" erotic readings series in New York! (Reading aloud, that is—I don't mean I'll be sitting in the corner of the bar, absorbed in a novel.)

The lineup, you ask? In alphabetical order by first name? Anna David; D. L. King; Jeremy Edwards (yoohoo!); host Rachel Kramer Bussel; Rachel Shukert; Samara O’Shea; Scott Pomfret; and Susan Wright.

Not only is admission free, but free candy and cupcakes will be in the offing! (I believe the offing is just off the room in which we'll be reading—hence the name.)

In the Flesh will take place on Thursday, July 17 at 8 p.m. at Happy Ending Lounge, 302 Broome St., NYC. Click here for more details!

As you might imagine, I'm thrilled to be on the program! If you're in the area and up for some sex (in prose form) in public on a hot summer night, I hope you'll make the scene.


Neve Black said...

Hi Jeremy,
Your thought process continues to crack me up. I love it.

Congrats on reading in NYC. Nice line up. Damn. I wish I could be there. Plane tickets going anywhere these days are not in the budget. I'll be there in erotic minded spirit.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Neve! : )

I'm sure we'll feel your erotic vibes from afar. (Who knows, you may even earn frequent flyer miles for that.)

Heidi Champa said...

I will be there! Can't wait. All that smut, plus cupcakes. How could I go wrong?

Jeremy Edwards said...

That's awesome, Heidi! Woohoo!!

Hmm ... I wonder if these will be special erotic cupcakes that lick us back.

EllaRegina said...

I will bring a "flesh-colored" Band-Aid.

EllaRegina said...

And a bottle of Yoo-hoo.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Woohoo and Yoo-Hoo to yootoo, ER!!

KM said...

Wish I could be there. Woo-hoo from of luck! As you say, break a third leg!

Jeremy Edwards said...

As you say, break a third leg!


Q. What do you call the night before a nude musical opens?

A. Undress rehearsal.

KM said...

"Undress rehearsal" -- very funny!

And when a third leg gets broken during the nude musical do they say, "The show must get it on!"?

Emerald said...

Have a great reading, Jeremy! (I actually just got back from several days in Philadelphia yesterday; had the trip extended a few more days, I would have considered detouring up to New York. :) ) I hope you have a fabulous time!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Emerald!

I recently wrote a story set in Philly. Did you happen to run into my characters while you were there?

Emerald said...

I brought my own.... ;)

Though if we hadn't had to spend so much time in our hotel (not that that was a negative thing!!) due to his intense work schedule, I suspect our shenanigans may have landed us somewhere nearer the opportunity!

Have a magnificent time tonight! :)