Monday, November 10, 2008

Podcast Part 2!

If you're not yet tired of the sound of my voice, I invite you to check out the second half of my podcast interview with the distinguished Dr. Dick, which is available beginning today! In the course of this segment, I read snippets of "Cavanaugh's Ridge."

If Part 2, on top of last week's Part 1, is 2 much Jeremy for you to handle, then click here to see the Muppets spoof the Rolling Stones instead. (Actually, people who are listening to my interview are encouraged to watch that video, too. Thank goodness they're not mutually exclusive!)

And if you missed Part 1 ... well, you didn't really miss it, because it's still there.

Thank you again, Dr. Dick!


Heidi Champa said...

How could we ever get tired of your voice, Jeremy!!

Can't wait to check it out when I get a free moment.

Spam Word: aststing. Love that. The last stinging sensation from the last hard spank.

kristina lloyd said...

Ha ha! I love your cover. Very nice indeed! And it's just what we're asking for on Erotica Cover Watch: more men on smut books! Thank you!

Looking forward to settling down for a listen.

EllaRegina said...

Oh, snippets of "Cavanaugh's Ridge!" Sounds like you're cutting up a map or something. ;-)

You and the Muppets (and the Rolling Stones) could coexist on the screen, for sure!

Yay for Dr. Dick, again!

What a wonderful graphic designer you are. I love the sleight of fedora!

My word verification: belfurn. Hmmn. Sounds like the name of an English manor... Oh, but it didn't work. Now it's "gurbood."

Kirsten Monroe said...

Oh, delish! Are you kidding? Tired of Jeremy or his perfectly erotique incantations of lust and desire? Oh, no. Not now, not ever.

Spamword: lograte. Naughty! I give it a 10.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks for all the praise! And all the spamwords!

Donna said...

We can never, ever have 2 much Jeremy! Or even 3 much Jeremy! Again a fascinating look into your creative process and ideas. I was especially interested in the discussion of writers who write about things that don't necessarily turn them on as a challenge ;-) Dr. Dick seems appropriately appreciative of your insights and your hot stories--great interview. (I'm "palysim")

Smut Girl said...

i am not tired of your voice! i cannot get it. as they saying goes...i don't got dick. ;)
love your photo skills. there's that fedora again. i think it needs to go in a smut musuem one day.
p.s. my word is prerson. looks like my spelling on a bad typo day!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Donna and Sommer! (Oh, wow, I just realized that together you're almost Donna Summer.)

'Fess up, Sommer: are you moonlighting as the spamword author?