Monday, December 1, 2008

Ménage à Denim

These book covers don't have anything directly to do with me. But the cover design ties in nicely with the topic of this blog post—and, what the heck, one is always on sure ground when plugging Alison Tyler and Thomas S. Roche.

But getting back to plugging myself (ahem) ... a new story of mine, "Ménage à Denim," is now up at Ruthie's Club [paid membership required]. The teaser tells us that "Dina’s relationship with Charlotte and her relationship with Michael are as compartmentalized as the left and right pockets of a pair of jeans." And, if you can trust a teaser, this will give you an idea where the story begins—and where it's heading!
Thanks, Ruthie!


Neve Black said...

Hi J!
I've missed you. Donde esta?


Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Neve! : ) I was waiting for more news to blog about. And it always seems to come in waves, for some reason. [Jeremy waves at the waves.] This week, for exampstance, I have this-here story running at Ruthie's today [Jeremy runs after story and tries to catch it] and another story running at Clean Sheets on Wednesday [Jeremy sits calmly on Wednesday's stoop, waiting for story to come running down the block with the keys]. Woohoo!

Neve Black said...

I like it when it comes in wave after wave, you know?

Good for you, J!

I'll grab my surfboard and be sure to ride both of your wow of wave stories this week.


p.s. Spam word is: supewa = super wonderful, and wavy.

Nikki Magennis said...

Ooh, I like the sound of this one, Jeremy! Look forward to the clean sheets one too!

Kirsten Monroe said...

Cool! (waves at the waver). I might have to sign up at Ruthie's so I can partake!

Congrats on being the guy who's stories have legs -- and keys. Life is good!


Emerald said...

"[Jeremy waves at the waves.]"

LOL!! Actually, all of those bracketed asides made me laugh.

Congratulations on your current tide of publications! ;)


Craig Sorensen said...


Nice segue! (and I don't mean one of those things that zip around the airports with guys and gals in police uniforms on them either.)

Congrats on getting that denim out there!

EllaRegina said...

Woohoo is right!!!

Thought to self: do stories get tired when they run?

Craig Sorensen said...

do stories get tired when they run?

Not if they are in good shape (cue comedy rimshot.)

Jeremy Edwards said...

You are all so much fun!! Thank you for showing up surfside in your blue jeans—and for all the buoyant enthusiasm!

And, KM, I like your strawberry. ; )