Saturday, December 6, 2008

O Oysters!

[said the Jeremy, with apologies to Lewis Carroll]

The table of contents has been announced for the first Oysters & Chocolate print anthology, edited by Jordan LaRousse and Samantha Sade of the Oysters & Chocolate erotica site, and scheduled for release by Penguin/NAL in the spring!

I'm happy as a clam to know that I'll be displayed on the half shell with Neve Black, Brian K. Crawford, Kay Jaybee, Gwen Masters, Alicia Night Orchid, Alana Noël Voth, Jordana Winters, and other primo scallops—er, scribes, as they flex their impressive writing [oh, god] mussels.

The book is now available for preorder ... meaning you can reserve now and [oh, dear] shell out later.

[Never mind Carroll ... apologies to everybody for the puns.]


Neve Black said...

Hi J,
I love the cover! It's so, so,(spam word) oustrai. Yeah, oustrai. Aka: Australian oysters.

Thanks for pimping me, Jeremy. :-)

EllaRegina said...

That's wonderful news!!!


Donna said...

What a line-up of talent--this sounds oysterlutely delicious!

Emerald said...

I found the puns delightful! :) Congratulations, Jeremy!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, everyone!

And that's brilliant, Neve! Oustrai on the barbie it is.

And Donna, I think "oysterlutely" is my new favorite adjective. If I get really excited, I may even go so far as "oysterfuckinlutely."