Friday, January 9, 2009

Book (and Periodical) Report

Hey hey, happy 2009 to everyone! Hmm ... I think I'm overdue for an update as to what's happening in Jeremyland. (I'll check with my librarian.)

Books available very soon will be available very soon! That's The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 8 (edited by Maxim Jakubowski and containing my story "Slightly Ajar"), and Coming Together: At Last (edited by Alessia Brio and containing my story "Francine's Kid"). Also on deck is my story "Vi's Velvet Vibes," in the Sex & Music e-anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. (That one will be available for text and audio download through Ravenous Romance, where I also recently appeared in the Sex & Shoes e-antho.)

Meanwhile, I'm making merry with the mags in the UK: You'll find my story "And/Or" in the issue of Forum that's currently furnished by your neighbourhood newsagent; and in about six weeks the March issue of Scarlet will hit the high street, including my story "Behind the Scenes."

Watch this space for more news soon to come, including imminent interviews, spillover special events, and more!


Erobintica said...

Happy New Year Jeremy!

You're one busy guy - congrats on all those accomplishments. And thanks for your kind words over at my blog - I'm so new at all this, but having a great time and it's fun "getting to know" some writers whose work I've

enjoyed ;-)

in the past and look forward to reading more of in the future.

Robin Elizabeth
(it took me a bit to figure out how to properly "Choose an identity" - hahaha)

Heidi Champa said...

Nice to be in such good company for the Sex and Music antho. Two of my favorite things!! Can't wait until it is available.

Congrats on all your other work. You are a busy boy!!!

Spam Word: Swordome. Sounds like something from World of Warcraft.

Kirsten Monroe said...

Wow Jeremy,

You are cranking and spanking! Speaking of spanking, I'd like to see *your* librarian. I bet she's something else. Congrats!

Spamword: stionden -- sounds like something one might wear while battling with Heidi's weaponry

EllaRegina said...

All great news!

My word: extessay

EllaRegina said...

Also interested in the "spillover special events." They sound juicy.

Now my word is: kokaye

Maybe it's because I'm not wearing my eyewear.

Craig Sorensen said...

Congratulations, Jeremy!

Wow, thanks for catching up. That news collects fast if you don't let it out.

Don't let it out, and you might burst!

Okay, I'll mind my own mosyness (which is, incidentally, my verification word...)

Smut Girl said...

Congrats! I was all excited to comment on how I enjoyed a good spillover event, myself...but ER beat me to it! :( oh well, great minds and all that...
my word is sedist. i guess they might be assigning me one, eh?

Emerald said...

Heidi Champa said:

"Nice to be in such good company for the Sex and Music antho. Two of my favorite things!!"

I'm so right there with you! (Not just in the anthology, but I am of course thrilled to be in that with both of you too!! ;)) I'm really excited about that one as well.

Congratulations, Jeremy, on this lovely list of delightful news!

Janine Ashbless said...

Yay! You're back! Happy New Year Jeremy.

Isabel Kerr said...

Hey there,

Glad to see you're back and with such great news and in such good company!

I figured you were just out there boning up on your french, or whatever. ; )

Congratulations and look forward to seeing it all and more!

Donna said...

Congratulations, Jeremy! Your year is off to a great start and I'm also looking forward to more sparkling Jeremy stories to brighten my 2009 :-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, one and all (and vice versa)!

Robin: Welcome to the party! By the way, I love your nickname "Erobintica"—great sandwich.

Heidi: Isn't it convenient that sex and music go so well together? Heck, you can even wear the same clothes for both!

Kirsten: How about I have my librarian call your librarian, and we can read lunch?

EllaRegina: If you're not wearing your eyewear, is it still eyewear?

Craig, I'm glad you mosy'd on over here!

Smut Girl: No worries. There's plenty of spillover "spillover" to go around.

Emerald: Do you think if we're really good, Rachel will let us all swap instruments?

Janine: Happy 2009 to you too! Looks like I've been booked back at this blog for the entire '09 season. (Blogger didn't want to go to the expense of painting over my name.)

Isabel: Yep, boning up, heheh. C'est si bon(e).

Donna: I see an early dose of 2009 sparkles coming from your direction—at both Oysters & Chocolate and EMERGE!