Friday, March 13, 2009

High-flying new anthology release! (part 2 of 2)

The Mile High Club, the newest erotica collection from the stratospherically sexy mind of Rachel Kramer Bussel, is ready for takeoff! I'll be getting comfortable in the cabin with soaring talents such as Cheyenne Blue, Elizabeth Coldwell, Stan Kent, Sommer Marsden, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Thomas S. Roche Craig J. Sorensen, Donna George Storey, Alison Tyler, and Kristina Wright!

For complete table of contents and more airborne eros, visit the Mile High Club blog.
Here's a bit of preflight entertainment from my contribution, "Get On, Get Off":
He handed over the fifty bucks, and the agent asked for his seating preference: "Male neighbor, female neighbor, or no preference?" The seats were two abreast in M-Class—with a retractable curtain between them—and your neighbor would, at a minimum, be the person you were most likely to sense, and whose motion might make your own seat vibrate in sympathy.

"Female," Jared responded, feeling a tingle in his groin.

"All set, sir. You understand that the curtain between seats goes up only by mutual consent?"

"Yes, of course."
THIS JUST IN: A special offer from Rachel!


Emerald said...

Great snippet!! Congratulations, Jeremy! You must be flying high. (Okay, sorry — it just came out.)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Emerald!

You must be flying high.

Hahaha. Good one!

Julietta said...

I keep trying to fly mile high, always a fantasy!

Love "get on, get off"!!!!!!!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you so much, Julietta! I hope the fantasy works out for you one of these days.