Friday, March 13, 2009


Just a note to say that I've canceled my MySpace account (though the cancellation may take a couple of days to go into effect). The account had become disabled through the site's erroneous flagging of my profile as having been "phished" (which I know has also happened to others). I was unable to undo this—though I followed their instructions—and, frankly, I've had enough of MySpace's quasirandom censorship of private messages that some moronic bot mistakes for malicious code, their slurring of sexuality-related links as "spam," and their general dysfunctionality.

Please note that my profile here at Blogger provides my e-mail address for anyone wishing to "message me." : )

I know this is not your problem ... but if anyone seeing this still has a link to me at, you'd be doing me a huge favor by changing that to . Thank you!

[Ha! "ByeSpace" brings up 610,000,000 Google hits. I guess I'm not the only one who's fed up.]


Neve Black said...

Hi J,
I just went out to myspace and the illustrious Jeremy image is no longer amongst my friends. Are you facebooking in lieu of myspacing?

Jeremy Edwards said...

I am at Facebook, yes! You?

Erobintica said...

Guess I won't miss you there because I don't myspace or facebook - I want to retain some semblance of a life. Not to knock those that do those things - hehe - but I've got my hands full figuring out the blogger stuff. Remember, I'm a dinosaur.

EllaRegina said...

What a drag. Yeah, others have had this problem. But from what I see MySpace isn't what "the people" seem to be using these days. It's Facebook or Twitter. You'll do just fine with this Blogger account, I think.

EllaRegina said...

My Lord!

There's a gigantic hole in my MySpace friend graph that once was filled with YOU!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Hmm ... maybe you could stuff a dinner napkin in there or something.

Olivia Knight said...

Good move, sir. As soon as I can be bothered, I'll do the same! (And have also transferred my loyalties to Facebook. Myspace is just so... declasse.)

Jolie du Pre said...

I hear you, Jeremy. I closed my Meet Her Here MySpace account because they will no longer allow links to Blogger. (I used to link to my Meet Her Here Blogger from my Meet Her Here MySpace.) MySpace is no longer the "king of the castle." Twitter and Facebook are now king and queen. I still keep my other two MySpace accounts, but I'm on Twitter more than anything now.

Jolie du Pre
Swing Anthology

Cassie Exline said...

Hate to hear this, but do understand. Myspace can be a pain.
Each improvement or what is noted as an improvement seems to eat away at the site. Of course there's Facebook.