Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hot new anthology release! (part 1 of 2)

Playing with Fire, the latest erotica collection from the molten-minded Alison Tyler, is now available! You'll find me naked by the campfire with hot-blooded writers such as Janine Ashbless, Heidi Champa, Andrea Dale, Shanna Germain, P.S. Haven, Jolene Hui, Nikki Magennis, Sommer Marsden, Teresa Noelle Roberts, and Kristina Wright!

For complete table of contents and more sexy combustion, visit the Playing with Fire blog.

Here's a bit of kindling from my contribution, "Three on a Match":

“We’ve been talking about you,” said Colin, in a tone my SAT-trained vocabulary immediately labeled as avuncular. I’d known something was afoot when he’d phoned my room, asking me to drop by for a minute. Colin didn’t normally ask us to drop by. He knew we’d show up, seeking his wisdom and advice, sooner or later—always prepared to come back another time, if his door was closed.
I instinctively closed the door behind myself now.

“Would you like to spend a little time with me, Doug?” Renata asked abruptly.

“Huh?” I said stupidly. “What do you mean?”

Colin exchanged knowing looks with her, then grinned at me. “We thought it might help you get the whole thing out of your system.”

I knew my face was as red as the official school sweats. I felt pathetic. “What, you mean like we go to the movies or something?” I asked weakly.

“No, Doug,” Renata said softly. “Not the movies.” Her weight shifted as she spoke to me, and I saw an instantaneous flash of pink silk lightning under her mini.


Erobintica said...

Naked by the campfire is always good!

And umm, it's going to be hard to wait for the rest of the story - mind if I fill in some blanks while I wait?

Congrats Jeremy!

oh, hahaha - my spamword is rework

EllaRegina said...

Congratulations! Hot-cha-cha-cha!

Emerald said...

Boy am I behind on the blog reading — been away from my computer much of this week, and your blog seems to have been in a frenzy (ha ;))!


Also thanks for providing me with a new vocabulary word (yes, I had to look it up). :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, folks!

Just let me know if you'd like me to turn up the heat overnight.