Wednesday, September 2, 2009

“I’m afraid my W-2 is messed up again.”

This is the problem that my protagonists in "It Takes W-2 to Tango" are wrestling with. (Oh, did I say "wrestling"?) Click through to The Erotic Woman if you want to take a meeting with Galen and Jessica. Thank you, Erotic Woman!

And, of course, it was funny—if not in a “ha-ha” sense, then certainly in a “what-the-fuck?” sense. Yes, thought Galen, it was funny that a thirty-year-old executive accountant would screw up the same employee’s paperwork year after year—and his paperwork alone—with such efficient regularity that you’d think she was earning a commission on it.

Then again, he reminded himself, she was earning a sort of commission, wasn’t she?


Craig Sorensen said...

I daresay, that is a gem of a story, Jeremy.

As a man who has more than a passing knowledge of tax time madness, I confess a certain admiration for how you rendered it. I loved Galen and Jessica, and the tension between them.

An excellent piece of business, as they say in vaudeville.


neve black said...

Congratulations Jeremy!

Donna said...

Just love this story! Makes me wish it were April ;-).

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks so much!! You folks are too, too, W-2 awesome.

By the way, the $0.00 that it cost you to read my story may be tax deductible. ; )

Donna said...

I'm putting that expense down in my writing log, Jeremy! Under "research materials" ;-).

Emerald said...

A delightful story, Jeremy, as usual! Congrats!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Emerald!

Trucker: What's your 10-20?
Accountant: Line 17 on the 1040.