Wednesday, September 23, 2009

O! Hi! O!

I have Ohio on my mind this week. Yep, I'm thinking about round ends, which gives me a high in the middle.

It's all thanks to sexy Neve Black, who will be reading my stories this Saturday night, September 26, from 10:30 p.m. to midnight at Cleveland's Literary Cafe. This is part of NB's exciting live erotica series, Neve's Naughty Nightcaps. I'm so honored!

You can experience previous NB readings here. She's so steamy, sparkly, and fun! (Even when she's not up to her shoulders in guacamole.)

Thanks, Neve!!

P.S. Cleveland and I have met before—in my story "Le Petit Déjeuner."


neve black said...

Oh, J, how do I love that guac, let me count the ways!

I'm really excited - I'm actually headed to Unique Thrift to find the perfect sparkly something to wear in your honor. :-)

Danielle said...


isnt neve adorable?

cant wiat to see what happends when sexy lip´ed neve meets sexy words by jeremy..:-)

Donna said...

This is so cool--talented prose meets talented lips. And we get to watch the video afterwards, too. Definitely something to get Oh-high about :-).

Craig Sorensen said...

Yes, this is an outstanding paring! Congratulations, and have fun out there, Neve!