Saturday, September 26, 2009

Showing My Cleve-age!

Well, okay, I don't actually have cleavage. Nor will I literally be in Cleveland tonight. But maybe you will be! And the sexy and effervescent Neve Black, Zodiac-sizzling erotica author and host of the deliciously named Neve's Naughty Nightcaps, definitely will be. And because Neve will be doing me the great honor of reading some of my work at this evening's NNN at the Literary Cafe (10:30 to midnight tonight!), I feel that I'm an honorary resident of the city for one night. (Go, Browns! I hope Leroy Kelly will be QBing tomorrow's game.*)

*Advisory: My sports-related information may be a little out of date.


neve black said...

You're not from Cleveland, but Cleveland wants YOU anyway! I'm excited about this, Jeremy!

There should be a good turn-out of perverted auditory voyeurs (just like me) out tonight too!


p.s. Andy from the Lit. is very good about getting the video uploaded, so just as soon as I received them - I'll post them and alert you - :-0

Madeline Moore said...

I love this idea, Jeremy. Terrific that Neve is doing this for other authors. I'd like to see video of this event.

Oh and there might be video of me at my first reading - at least, I know some was shot. I hope they caught the naked guy opening the door from 'the sex room' to 'the library' and being shocked by the sight of people listening to me read. hohoho.

I wonder if any naked people will surprise Neve, lying on a bed reading out loud. Perhaps some fans of yours will show, J. The

neve black said...

Madeline and Jeremy,
Unfortunately, there was no nudeness at the Lit. last night. Damn!

I had a lot of fun though. I'm craving strawberry slices between my toes...can't figure out why?