Friday, November 20, 2009

Gettin' Digi Wit It

I've recently learned that the Scarlet website offers complete magazines in digital form! They're priced lower than the print versions, and can be purchased via PayPal or credit card. In addition to the current issue that features my novel excerpt (no. 62), you'll find a parade of recent back issues. (I have stories—exclusive to Scarlet—in nos. 58, 57, 55, & 53 [note backwards parading order].)

Self-promotion welcome: if you're in one or more of the digital Scarlet issues and want to tell us which one(s), comment away!


Lucy Felthouse said...

Psst! You haven't announced Temptations Vol. 2 - and your story is fabulous! Check out my site for a review v. soon. x

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Lucy—thank you so much! : )

And I can't wait to read your story in the book. I'm hoping it will arrive in the post-Thanksgiving mail, and then I can get a-reading and a-blogging!

Gina Marie said...

Fagizzle! I just jizzed in my pants with excitement! Coooool!

Jeremy Edwards said...

I love the way parades affect you, Gina!! Thank you. : )