Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A "fun-fest"!

And a "rollicking good romp"!

Awesome erotica author and reviewer Lucy Felthouse has made my day by thus describing Rock My Socks Off.

Thank you, Lucy!


Emerald said...

Haha — this line cracked me up:

"The storyline is very much a vehicle to allow the main characters to have weird and wonderful sex in crazy places, with various partners."


I have purchased RMSO as an e-book — still plan to procure it in hard copy form when it's released in the U.S. but was feeling impatient lol — and I'm really looking forward to delving into it. (I already read my name in the acknowledgements section, which elicited a blush and giggle. How sweet — thank you!)

Congrats on the lovely review!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks so much, Emerald! I hope your impatience will be rewarded (to turn a cliché on its head) with a read you enjoy!