Saturday, January 23, 2010

What time is it?

It's Mammoth time! (At least if your clock is set to GMT—U.S. publication to follow.)

I'm in the just-released Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 9 alongside such eroticists as Lisette Ashton, Kathleen Bradean, Rachel Kramer Bussel, M. Christian, Elizabeth Coldwell, EllaRegina, Mark Farley, Polly Frost & Ray Sawhill, Shanna Germain, D. L. King, Kristina Lloyd, Catherine Lundoff, Craig J. Sorensen, Donna George Storey, Alison Tyler, Saskia Walker, and Kristina Wright. As always, the volume is edited by the illustrious Maxim Jakubowski.

Here's a teaser from my "Ménage à Denim":
“Damn!” she suddenly said out loud, to an empty Thursday afternoon house. Damn. It had hit her with surprising suddenness how much she wanted to be unchastely in bed with both of them, to climb and be climbed on, to tickle all the places that really counted and feel intimately connected with all parties concerned, in sync and in heat. She was the woman who had it all, but suddenly she was feeling that she wanted to have it all at the same time. She wanted to be all of herself at once, not this or that compartment of herself.

And, with the clattering, blinding brilliance of familiar facts exploding into revelations, she amazed herself by noticing that she had never asked them.
Thank you, Maxim!


Annemarie said...

Congratulations on your inclusion in what looks like a fabulous anthology!

P.S. Haven said...

Congrats, J!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Annemarie and Haven!

Danielle said...

ha..when i read the title of this post on my blogroll i instantly thought: "its jeremy time of course"..and see..i was right:-)

congrats to you and all in this book..:-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Danielle!

I guess it's "Jeremy time" when the big hand is on the socks, and the little hand is on the fedora?