Saturday, January 2, 2010

My book will not complain at all if you judge it by the company it keeps.

As discussed yesterday, I now have the great honor, in the brick-and-mortar world, of being the middle of what has been described as a Kristina LloydAlison Tyler sandwich. Hold my calls! (I could easily stare all day at those two sexy names with that en dash inserted between them.)

Meanwhile in the virtual-bookstore world, I'm also in primo company, as shown in this "customers who bought also bought" screen shot from Amazon UK:

[In case your vision is as bad as mine ... that's Charlotte Stein making magic down there!]


kristina lloyd said...

I am liking this party!

neve black said...

I need an invitation to this erotic soiree of the year!

What can I say other than, YOWZA!

Congratulations, Jeremy!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Neve! And please pile on into the sandwich party! (Bring your own en dash.)

Kristina said:
I am liking this party!

And very well, I might add!

Oh: liking. Thought it said licking. Ahem. Yes. I'm (obviously) liking it too! ; )