Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pretty Wonderful

If you've been reading the addictive blog of legendary erotica author/editor/publisher Alison Tyler, you'll know that one of the topics she's been educating us on lately is that of present-day realities for small publishers. In the current economy, and with so much in flux, the small-publishing picture is not always a pretty thing.

But you know what is a pretty thing? Alison's boutique erotica company, Pretty Things Press. I know you'll want to hear more on this subject ... so "come and see me" down below, after the song.

Wow, I love those mod sounds. And I love Pretty Things Press. Among my favorite PTP books are the Down and Dirty anthologies ("bite-size delights"); Juicy Erotica ("succulent sexiness"); the brilliant companion volumes Hers and His ("rich, impressive, and masterfully conceived" collections co-authored by AT and the marvelous Thomas Roche); and Sex & Candy, edited by the fabulous Rachel Kramer Bussel ("sweet confections and sizzling connections"). [The quotations, by the way, are from my Amazon reviews of these various titles.]

One of the things I love about small publishers is that each one has its own personality. Not to discount the importance of the literary personality of the authors and editors, of course ... but I find that a press as a whole also tends to have a certain "feel" to its product, even if it's a very loose set of characteristics that it might be hard to put one's finger on. To me, one of the things giving the PTP line its distinctive personality is a certain flavor of intimacy: when I, the reader, am inside one of these collections, I feel like I'm privy to all the horniness and sweetness, the pounding fucks and the sensuality, in a particular type of way that's hard to describe, but which I recognize each time I enter one of these lovely little books.

As you can see, the books are visually pretty, too. (Even the type design on the pages tastes good.)

Oh, and here's a small-publisher-friendly tip: When you're buying PTP books from Amazon, entering from this page helps the press even more, via Amazon's affiliate program.

Meanwhile in the virtual world ... the latest PTP news is that Alison has launched a line of sizzling e-books!

And hey there across the pond: For your convenience and delight, selected AT-edited or AT-authored collections that were originally published by PTP in the States are available in UK editions from another small publisher I love, my friends at Xcite Books!

It's all pretty cool, huh?


Alison Tyler said...

Jeremy, I don't know what to say. I'm all choked up. But here's the truth, man. You just rocked my effing socks off!


Angell said...

Jeremy - excellent post and you're a wonderful friend!!

Giant hugs just for being you!!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, great AT!

And, Angell ... you're so sweet! (Plus I adore your new[?] profile button.) Giant hugs back!

Sophia Valenti said...

What a nice post, Jeremy! That's so sweet of you!

Isabel Kerr said...

Jeremy, what a wonderful way to start everyone's year!

Happy New Year to you and yours and I look forward to the book release party too.

Best of everything for 2010.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Sophia! It was nothing but a joy celebrating PTP.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Isabel! Big happy 2010s to you, too!

Hey, did you see that I'm famous in Italy?