Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Con[fidant] Game

So ... the other day, we had:





(à la rock-paper-scissors)

The ingenious Bearded Confidant was all over that:

Let's see . . . Rock beats Socks (off), Fedora covers Rock, and Socks mismatch Fedora?

[For best results, imagine that quotation with lots of reverb on it, as in a television character's memory of earlier dialogue.]

Nor was this mere idle chitchat on Confidant's part! For look what he's gone and drawn!

Thank you, O clever & colorful Confidant!!


Danielle said...

ha..that was funny..:-) so now we can play "jeremy" :-)

Confidant said...

I've always wanted my typing to communicate a television-style reverb. Thank you, Jeremy, for fulfilling this dream, even without the use of special characters! (Perhaps you have an advantage, being a character yourself, eh?)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Haha! I'm practically a cartoon character, now that you've drawn my accoutrements.