Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Breaking Up the Word Monopolies

I'm appearing today at Lisabet Sarai's Beyond Romance blog, with a piece about my (unpatented) process for attacking repetitive wording in my story drafts!

As most of you probably know, Lisabet is an eminent and superbly gifted erotica and erotic-romance writer, critic, and essayist. I'm very honored to be her guest.

So bring any unwanted, repeated words you have lying around, and I'll see you there!


Danielle said...

i know i use that word repitivly when i comment on your post but : great!

Jeremy Edwards said...

: ) Thanks, Danielle! I would never discourage anyone from repeating words like that one, heheh.

Craig Sorensen said...

Repeat after me:

I will not repeat words,
I will not repeat words,
I will not repeat words,
I will not...

Jeremy Edwards said...

Sorry, Craig, I stepped away. Would you mind repeating that?