Thursday, June 3, 2010


So, the bad news on the publishing front this week is that Scarlet magazine will be ceasing publication.

I feel very sad about this, not only because I've been a frequent erotica contributor and not only because I know the in-house staff who will be most severely affected... but, in the larger scheme of things, because Scarlet represented something all too rare in the world of mass-appeal "women's magazines": a policy of celebrating women's-pleasure-focused sex positivity and women's self-esteem, instead of trading on insecurities and on man-pleasing as the be-all and end-all.

Very sorry to see you go, Scarlet. Thanks for all you did.


Jo said...

Oh no. That's sad. And bad. Hmm.

Is it because of the internet, I wonder?

kristina lloyd said...

It's a real loss.

I don't think the internet is an issue though. Scarlet wasn't porny enough for its readership to find similar, cheaper pleasures online. It offered more than smut.

I never understood why they didn't do more with the fiction they published. They bought all rights from top-notch, well-known authors - and they could have really exploited that with more audio pubs, epubs etc

If a publisher goes bust, do rights revert to us? Any idea, Jeremy?

Jeremy Edwards said...

Excellent question, Kristina. I wonder if the answer has to do with what happens to the intangible property of the company, on a case by case basis: that is, is some entity acquiring "assets" that include our stories, or is everything other than money and furniture dissolving in a puff of intellectual property?

kristina lloyd said...

I need to dig out the contracts, for starters. Am not even sure if it's Scarlet or Trojan who bought rights. Cross fingers, we might get our stories back!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

all the good magazines that are feamle sex positive keep shutting down, such a shame

Jeremy Edwards said...

Hi, Roxanne. On the bright side (no pun intended), have you heard about Filament?