Saturday, June 26, 2010

In the summer, in the city!

That's sex in the summer in the city! In this case, the city of New York. Sex in the City: New York is now available, so grab yourself some lovin' spoonfuls of Cara Bruce, Polly Frost, Thom Gautier, Shanna Germain, Michael Hemmingson, D. L. King, Ira Miller, Lisabet Sarai, Thomas S. Roche, Donna George Storey, Tsaurah Litzky, and of course editor Maxim Jakubowski.

And me! Here's an excerpt from "The Same Fifty Taxis":

Millicent’s adorable ass enlivened the lone barstool at my kitchenette counter. I stood proudly at hand, watching her attack the similarly round and cute cappuccino-coconut scoop I’d served up. I ate slowly, for my part, letting small spoonfuls melt on my tongue. Millicent teased me about wandering the Upper East Side with a pint of ice cream, hoping to pick up women.

How and why had I forgotten that I was in love with her? Watching her smile and laugh in my kitchen seemed to make the complexities and ambivalence melt away like the ice cream, to put me in touch once more with uncomplicated lust and straightforward emotions. Again I let impulse guide me.

“You owe me, Millicent. I’ve been back for two years, and you haven’t jumped my sexy bones.”

She gaped, her spoon frozen in action. “You remember I said that?”

“Of course I do.” For a year or two in Pittsburgh, I’d used that memory as a sail.

“I wonder what else you remember.”

I helped myself to the flirty curl at the bottom of her retro hairdo. “I remember that this is your natural hair color—and how delicious it looked on you, even when one had to delve deep to find it.”


Donna said...

Hmm, I wonder if it's a coincidence they put taxis on the cover of our book ;-)?

Jeremy Edwards said...

: ) I think it's to show that the stories inside will really get your meter running.

Nikki Magennis said...

'like a sail'.

Brilliant line. Sounds like a fabulois stoiry, Joiromy!

Um, how's my accent? ; )


Jeremy Edwards said...

LOIL, Noikki!

And thank you!

Danielle said...

great snipped and congrats to the donna and shanna too of course..i love maxims anthologies a lot...

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Danielle!

Yeah, I was thrilled when I first heard Maxim was going to be doing this series, and of course I'm super-thrilled to be part of it.

Shar said...

It's a great idea. Are there going to be more cities? Are eager readers allowed to suggest cities? I once applied for a job in Ouagadougou, just because of the name (I didn't get it). I suppose that wouldn't be a good choice. But, I don't know, maybe Tokyo or Hong Kong or Buenos Aires... OK, I'll stop. ;) Can't wait to read this one!
~ Shar

Jeremy Edwards said...

I believe the next batch* of cities is revealed in the current volumes.

*Do cities come in "batches"? What's the collective noun for cities, other than county?