Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Wool Exchange

That's just one of the places in the United Kingdom where Rock My Socks Off has recently joined the in-shop inventory! Yes, the roster of Waterstone's shops stocking RMSO has grown dramatically since the last time I obsessively checked it. Now people can exchange all their unwanted wool for MY erotic novel!!

I'm also in Harrods (or at least the distribution centre)! And the Butter Market! In various cities and towns, I'm in two locations. (Good old Edinburgh now has me in three branches!) They're reading me in Reading (assuming sell-through) and taking me into the Bath. I'm in Northampton and Southampton and darling Darlington. The page reads like a gazetteer—or a concordance to all those 1920s–1950s UK comic novels I've read.


Danielle said...

i would change my unwanted wool anytime for your book..:-)i even would change my wanted wool..:-)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Aw, thanks, Danielle!

Maybe if one buys RMSO at the Wool Exchange, it comes with actual woolen socks?