Sunday, July 25, 2010

I'm Entitled

Sex and Satisfaction was one of the first Xcite story anthologies published, and it contains one of the first erotic stories I wrote, "Any Day of the Week."

Now Xcite has released stories from Sex and Satisfaction in the form of mini e-books—and I was so excited to learn that "Any Day of the Week" is the title piece of the e-volume in which it appears!


Craig Sorensen said...

How cool is that? Congrats!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Craig!

Sharazade said...

Great... well, title! The "I'm Entitled," I mean. And congratulations. Clearly you have a publisher there with good taste. ;)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Shar!

Maybe now someone will name a whole blog after the title of this post. ; )