Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I left my forecast in San Francisco

Sex in San Francisco is a new erotica anthology edited by the brilliant M. Christian and published by Renaissance eBooks.

M.C. asked us to send him our San Fransexiest stories, and the brightly painted Victorian he's erected houses Donna George Storey, PM White, Renatto Garcia, Adele Levin, Shanna Germain, Craig J. Sorensen, Theda Hudson, Jude Mason, Neve Black, Mykola Dementiuk, yours truly, and Anna Reed with Lily Penza.

I'm so delighted to be part of this West Coast wingding! Here's a San Fransample of my contribution, "Microminiclimates":

I knew it was an indefensible fancy of mine that Clara could only have existed in San Francisco. But it was a harmless
one, and I clung to it like a teddy bear.

It was Clara who first explained to me about the microclimates—how, even within central SF, a damp, rainy day in one neighborhood could coexist with a warm, sunny day elsewhere, at the same moment... that, if she were to be believed, this sort of thing went on all the time. And venture farther afield aro
und the Bay, she maintained, and a veritable “meteorology’s greatest hits” was on offer.

“You can’t really understand San Francisco unless you understand the microclimates.”

I didn’t doubt it. But I’d never said I intended to “und
erstand” San Francisco. It seemed that to aspire to this might smack of hubris. After all, I wasn’t sure I would even claim to “understand” Erie, Pennsylvania, though I’d lived there my entire life.

My knee-jerk response, I’m sorry to report, was to dismiss the microclimate paradigm as “silly.” That was my typical reaction, in those days, to anything I was reluctant to make room for in my world. It wasn’t that I didn’t credit what Clara was telling me; I just didn’t feel any need to embrace the phenomenon. C
lara was disappointed by this, and she vowed to seduce me with the charm of her beloved microclimates.

She began, early in my visit, by instructing me in area
geography. This I was receptive to—especially the way she taught it, using her body. The left leg was Oakland; the right, San Francisco....


K D Grace said...

Sounds like some very sexy reading, indeed! Being a gardener, I'm a weather-y sort of person myself, so naturally I want to know more about microclimates:)


Craig Sorensen said...

Congrats, Jeremy! It's good to see you in the Streets of San Francisco!

Erobintica said...

That map makes me kinda homesick! Since I grew up and "came of age" in the SF Bay Area, I sort of consider that "home," though home is really wherever I am.

This looks like an awesome collection! Congrats.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, folks!

It's good to see you in the Streets of San Francisco!

Likewise, "San Fran" Sorensen! And remember, always carry American Express travelers cheques.