Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Strange Little Drawing

What's it all about? Well, you tell me. In a poem. Over here.


Madeline Moore said...

It's a marvelous wee thing Jeremy and if I were not a tutor I'd be giving the poem a day thing a shot but there's just no way. I could not write one good poem in a day. Maybe in a week.

So Jeremy, over on my blog there's a conversation happening between me and Anonymous, which would be peachy except - I am Anonymous. Please consider this a cry for HALP!

My word verification is requa.
I requa help. Desperately.

Jeremy Edwards said...

It's a marvelous wee thing Jeremy

Thanks! (Or, if you prefer... That's what SHE said.)

Madeline Moore said...

I promised my fans (haha) I'd post every Monday and Thursday and by God I'm going to keep my promise. Perhaps last week's 'eye candy' (Felix and me) drove away the last of my few followers.
I guess it wasn't exactly eye candy.

I haven't got much else to say about your little picture but I know how this stuff works - eye for an eye (candy) right?

Madeline Moore said...

ps - someone on facebook (someone I don't know) said it was creepy that I posted Anonymous comments to my Madeline Moore page and then resaponded. I thought it was funny. It feels weird to be called creepy. I've been called lots of stuff but no creepy. Oh well, a comment is a comment

Jeremy Edwards said...

I agree that it's funny, not creepy. (Do you think it's possible that commenter was just teasing?)

As for "a comment for a comment"... I guess I'm more of the "if the spirit moves you" school. It's always a delight to see your spirit here, but don't feel you're letting me down if your spirit ever wants to sleep in on a given morning instead. I don't want dragging spirits out of bed on my conscience! ; )

Willsin Rowe said...

I'm possibly a bit late, but I just went and posted a poem for your prompt, matey. As a base, I stole the work of "Rik, The People's Poet"...which probably doesn't mean a lot in the US. He's a character from an English comedy show, "The Young Ones".
Also, to Madeline...I actually have two Facebook profiles (one for my writing, one for my music), and I often have outright insulting arguments between both characters. So I'm also on the side of funny, not creepy.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I love your comic tour de force of a poem, Willsin! Great wordplay and rhymes.

The Young Ones was actually shown over here (though I was only slightly familiar with it and admit I wouldn't have caught the reference).