Friday, June 10, 2011

Catching Up

Hello! I believe I left off with Sweet Confessions. As I pick up that thread after some travels, allow me to mention that the aforementioned book includes such talents as Jacqueline Applebee, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Angela Caperton, Heidi Champa, Portia Da Costa, Andrea Dale, K D Grace, Kay Jaybee, Sophie Mouette, and Alison Tyler!

And here's a pic I took of the collection on display at Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon.

Meanwhile, I discovered that close to Powell's main store is a little place called
CounterMedia (927 S.W. Oak St.) that's so erotica friendly I would say that erotica and the store are actually "more than just friends." And look what I saw there!

And here's another exciting pic from Powell's!

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Madeline Moore said...

Wow. I'm envious. Once in a blue moon I see one of my books in the erotica section of Chapters.

It's really hard, now, to convince stores to carry my erotica because Black Lace is defunct. But 'Sarah's Education' was bringing in royalties from the very beginning.

It's kind of depressing. The only way I would ever get any attention at all from any bookstore or media, even the CBC where I worked for years, is by becoming a big hit in the USA.

I love Canada but I hate the way it treats ALL its artists. You wanna make it big in Canada. Well, make it big in the USA and we'll talk.

Particularly galling when dealing with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (or the Corpse, as we call it, similar to the BBC being known as the Beep.)

But that doesn't mean I'm not happy for you all! Because I am. Congratulations. The US and the UK
are secure in their national identity. Canada is like the moronic baby brother of the US and the pandering child of the Queen.