Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Dream the Possible Dream

Lyrotica is an anthology of erotic poetry and prose that has just been released by Vagabondage Press. The collection, currently available as an e-book and soon to be out in print as well, includes a new story of mine called "Possibility":

It was not the mere fact that she was reclining on her bed, alone in her room with Malcolm, that had given rise to this sense of possibility. In a world of one-room dorm habitations, many a platonic study session, TV night, and chummy heart-to-heart near a bed-qua-chair or a bed-qua-desk had been shared between Malcolm and various women friends. No, being alone with a woman who was on her bed in her room was nothing unusual and did not automatically imply sex. There was something more than walls and furniture informing the atmosphere tonight.
Just thought you might possibly be interested!

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