Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Story-Publication Update

Methinks it's about time I used the word methinks. Sorry—that's not what I meant to say. Methinks it's about time I posted an update on some forthcoming story publications. (There.)

To come:

"Bubble Dance," in Going Down [ed. Rachel Kramer Bussel; Cleis Press]. (She does what while receiving head?)

"System," in Girl Fever [ed. Sacchi Green; Cleis Press]. (She has a system—and it works.)

"Reconnect," in Stretched [ed. Tinder James; Racy Pages]. (His wife is very interested in the reunion with his high-school girlfriend.)

"Boston. Breasts. Bohemian," in The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica 11 [ed. Maxim Jakubowski; Constable & Robinson]. (It all begins with a cartoon.)

Meanwhile, here's a nice display of some extant Jeremy-aware anthologies at the Oh My sensuality shop, where I read from The Pleasure Dial last Friday.

"The novel never wavers in its vibrant, lively pacing and flawlessly entertaining storyline. I frequently found myself caught between laughing out loud and beaming with delight at the charm and wit that abounds in the prose...."Emerald


Craig Sorensen said...

Methinks you have been a busy lad.

Congrats on all those accomplishments!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Craig! I've slowed down a little since the wild and crazy days of 2008, but I do try to keep my hand in (ooh-er).

Danielle said...

ha..craig took the words right out of my mouth (congrats and busy..that is) while you put an awsome word right in my mouth..(methinks)



Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Danielle!

How have you been? I bet some wonderful words have been coming out of your mouth (or your fingers).

Janine Ashbless said...

Methinks you have been a busy lad.

Damnit - that's what I was going to say, Craig!

Well done Jeremy - you deserve every success in publication.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thank you, Janine! Methinks the same of you, natch. (:v>