Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OC Press 7 Days of St. Valentine Sale!

Say the Oysterers:
To celebrate the one holiday made just for lovers, we think we should spread it out into 7 days of flirtation, romance, and erotic fun!

Just like the 12 days of Christmas, give your lover an erotic gift on each of the 7 days of St. Valentine's. Fill your lover's sexy stocking with an erotic eBook for each of the next 7 days. Imagine your lover's delight at opening his or her eReader, and seeing an inviting, new erotic eBook waiting on the digital shelf.

And we're delighted to announce that for the next 7 days of St. Valentine's, all steamy, sexy titles at OC Press will be 50% off! (Simply use coupon code 7DaysValentine at checkout.) OC Press offers eBooks that can be read on your lover's PC, Kindle, NOOK, iPad, iBook, Sony, and more.
That's OC Press, home of The Pleasure Dial and other erotic treats!

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