Sunday, April 1, 2012

Assorted News


Here's what's happening in Jeremyland:

For the month of April, I'm the very happy featured author in the Erotica Readers & Writers Association Erotica Gallery. There you'll find three stories that have particular sentimental value to me ("The Same Fifty Taxis," "Slightly Ajar," and "Ménage à Denim"), along with an auotobiographical essay. On top of all that, another vintage story of mine, "Laura the Laugher," is featured at Justus Roux's Erotic Tales this month.

And more excitement: Recent story publications are "The Gushing Ghost of Grafenberg Falls," seeing its first online publication at Every Night Erotica (in two parts); a new flash piece, "Light Show," at FeatherLit; and "Reconnect," just out in the second print anthology from Racy Pages, Stretched. Here's a teaser from that story:
“He looks almost unchanged,” Dana said to Colleen over dinner. “Very well preserved, as they say.”

“I bathe him in formaldehyde every night,” said Colleen with a wink.

When Dana had finished laughing, I returned the compliment, with full sincerity. “You look the same, too.” It was no strain to recall why I’d been attracted to Dana, from her confident personality to her squeezable body and angelic face.

Her hands unfurled into open palms. “I think I am the same.”

“That’s probably a good thing, in your case. Luckily, those of us who were actually in need of some maturation didn’t have to follow that plan.”

“Maturation, eh?” grinned Dana. “So that’s what you were in need of.” She turned to Colleen. “I kept offering him something else.”
Finally, if you want your "ass pajamas" in German, check out "Jede Nacht," in Heiß und schnell, the new translation of Got a Minute? [ed. Alison Tyler]!


Gina Marie said...

Holy kamoley, Jeremy! What DON'T you have going on???? I raise my stein to you!

Jeremy Edwards said...

(:v> Thanks, Gina! I raise my gertrude to you in return!

(I don't know why Blogger made me approve this comment before publishing it—that's not how my settings are set. I approve, I approve!)