Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jeremy phones it in

Yep, tomorrow night is my live-via-telephone guest appearance on the Air Atta Ca Talk Internet radio show! [Note: radio will autoplay when you follow the link.] I'll be reading a selection of my stories, including, by special arrangement, one from an anthology that's so new it hasn't even come out yet! I'm also assembling a couple of brief excerpts from my in-progress erotic novel, which I have about 90% finished at this point.

The hour-long show will begin at 1 a.m. Eastern Standard (aka New York) Time on Friday night (technically first thing Saturday morning, given the wee hours a.m. dealio). And though podcasts are often associated with mp3 players, please note that you can listen to a program like this right on a typical computer.

If you miss it—and if you wish you hadn't—you'll find the show archived at the Air Atta Ca Talk site. (If you miss it and are glad you missed it . . . then you're all set!)

For a little more info, step this way.

[Thanks to knickers knut Slip of a Girl for helping me promote this.]

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