Saturday, December 8, 2007

On the air

I had a wonderful time reading my erotica on the Air Atta Ca Talk Internet radio show last night! [Note: radio will autoplay when you follow the link.] Though the hour went quickly—as is the habit of fun hours—I was able to squeeze in (and fondle) three pieces before the ol' clock on the wall triggered the ol' trapdoor to the sidewalk: "Every Night" aka "Ass Pajama Lottery"; "Mindy's Pheromones"; and "Le Petit Déjeuner."

The link above takes you directly to the show that features Yours Truly, where you can play and listen. If you prefer to download the show, you'll want to visit the program's main page [note: autoplay also enabled there] and scroll down (or, depending when you're reading this, navigate back to pages of older shows) till you find the December 7th/8th program. (This way, of course, you'll also have the opportunity to listen to all the other installments of the show!)

[Note: If you're logged in as a registered blogtalkradio user, make sure you've successfully disabled the "safe search" in your settings, or these adult programs won't show up. If you don't log in, you should see all programs by default.]

Big thanks to hosts Sunny and Kat for making me so welcome and entertaining me with their hilarious conversation and captivating readings of their own writing!


Ally said...

I listened to it later in the evening, I missed it by a few hours. It was great. You did such an awesome job, what a great reader you are. Your voice wasn't anywhere close to what I had imagined in my head. Isn't it funny how we put a voice to the people whom we read. You sound so young... this is coming from a female who when answers the phone the telemarketer on the other end asks... "May I speak to your Mommy?" Hehe.

Just Craig said...

I'm with Ally on that, Jeremy. Very well done.

Your reading was very lively and accented the written words well. I again tip my very un-fedora hat to you on a fine performance.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Ally and Craig! Your pos. feedback makes my day. : )

As for the "young" sound of my voice ... well, let's face it—we erotic elves (and I refer here to all of us) don't really age.

Now, of course, I'm curious as to the voice you'd imagined: Orson Welles? Robert Mitchum? Pee Wee Herman? (I can actually do imitations of most of those people, but it might not be very erotic. At least not for them.)

Ally said...

I guess it was a deep throaty voice I had imagined... Like Vin Diesel. But your voice sounds more sexy... (submissive). Ohoh,twinge... LOL.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Ally, I may just have to use that "voice sexier than Vin Diesel's" remark in my shameless efforts to promote myself. (Okay with you?)

Nikki Magennis said...

Ooh, must go listen now! Congrats, Jeremy, so exciting!

Nikki Magennis said...

...So cool! Listened to the Ass Pyjamas so far. It's brilliant hearing stories read by the author, I think - as they should be read. And you did a wonderful job, I second Ally and Craig. Adds a whole other dimension to the story hearing it with a real voice.

(Quite ridiculously, I forgot you'd sound American!)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Nikki! I'm delighted that you liked it!

I've been told that my stories read, on the page, with a suggestion of a "British accent." Though my time in the UK has been limited to a couple of brief vacations, I do think I'm most influenced by British writing styles (and by older North American styles that probably had more in common with British writing than does more contemporary N. Am. writing).

I confess that I've been known to affect an English accent, when called upon (or even when not) in theatre productions . . . but I doubt that you authentic UK-ers would approve of the results, and it's probably for the best that I did not attempt this on the erotic radio show. ; )

Jeremy Edwards said...

Oh, and this is as good a place as any to remind people to beware of that other Jeremy Edwards out there, the one who is British and who, unlike me, actually shows his face when he poses half-naked. Dude evidently has a new show on the telly, and consequently he's messing up my Google searches more than usual. Uh . . . that is, he would be, if I were in the habit of Googling myself.

SlipOfAGirl said...

I'm hoping I'll have some time to myself to listen to it tonight... I can't promise tho. Not because I don't want to -- but everyone in my house acts like I'm needed or something. :sigh:

I'm glad it went well for you!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Thanks, Slip! Luckily, erotica "keeps"—no expiration date, so it will be fresh whenever you get to it. (Erotica is so much better than yogurt, in that respect.)